O3 Ozone Meter

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Product Features

2.8" color liquid crystal display (LCD), 320x240 pixels User adjustable alarm threshold for O3 to alert user of elevated levels

Test variables, temperature, humidity Large 2000mAh capacity lithium battery On-board fan to draw in ambient air for more accurate

real-time results 5V Micro USB charging Low battery warning.

Product specifications

●Test content: O3+AQI+Temperature+Humidity

●Display method:2.8” LCD screen display, 320 x 240 pixels

●Sampling time:1.5 seconds

●Power source:Lithium polymer battery with 2000 mAh capacity

●Detect gas:Ozone/Ozono/Ozon(O3)

●Detection range:0.000~5.000ppm

●Detection principle:Electrochemistry

●Response time:Diffusion ≤15S

●Duplicate value:≤±2 %


●Insulation resistance:≥20MΩ

●Alarm function:Sound(2-3 beep)

●Alarm action value:0.3/0.6ppm (alarm on/off switchable)

-Electrochemical sensor

-TFT LCD screen display -320*240 pixels

-Detection data range:O3(0.000-5.000ppm) -It can be used in office, indoor outdoor and

detection of ozone residue after disinfection. -24 hours real time monitoring

-Power supply:Built in Li-battery 2000mAh

-Material: ABS with TFT Screen

-Color: Black+Orange

-Size : 164*74*26MM Product weight:500g

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