8Watt Class-AB Mono Power Amplifier Kit-TDA2003



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Brief Introduction:

This kit is a Class-AB audio power amplifier kit using a TDA2003/TDA2002 power amplifier IC. Comes with this kit is a monophonic audio amplifier, Printed Circuit Board, a heat sink, screws & nuts, terminal blocks, capacitors and resistors.

Featuring short circuit protection and thermal protection, TDA2003/TDA2002 can drive loads as low as 1.6Ω and is capable of delivering over 8W from a 16V supply. The power supply required for this kit is from 8 VDC to 18VDC at 1A or more. Maximum output power will only be obtained with a power supply of greater than 1A at 16VDC, and using 2Ω speakers (or 2 by 4Ω speakers in parallel). HS215 heat sink included is for TDA2003/TDA2002 to dissipate any damaging heat.

All components are through-hole and can be easily to be soldered to the PCB.


Kit includes:

 - PCB (Size: 50.90(L) × 52.00(W) × 1.6(H)? ±0.2mm) ×1

 - TDA2003 /TDA2002 IC ×2

 - HS215 Heat Sink ×2

 - Resistors

 - 10K log. Potentiometer ×1

 - 220R (red red brown) ×1

 - 2R2 (red red gold) ×1

 - 1Ω (brown black gold) ×1

 - Capacitors

 - 10uF 50V electrolytic ×1

 - 470uF 16V electrolytic ×1

 - 1000uF 35V electrolytic ×1

 - 100nF mylar ×1

 - 100nF monolithic ×1

 - 100uF 25V electrolytic

 - Nut & Screw For regulator & heat sink ×2

 - 5mm LED ×1

 - Nut ×1

 - Screws ×3

 - 2 Pole Terminal Block ×3

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